Women's Health Dynamics Institute To Launch At California Women's Conference and LA Women's Expo


Education Experts Look to Make Big Splash at Summer Conferences



(Los Angeles, CA, May 17th, 2014) – Women's Health Dynamics Institute is launching this summer at both the California Women's Conference (CWC) in Long Beach, CA, and the Los Angeles Women's Expo.

Women’s health issues are a concern for not only the thousands who will be attending each conference, but for millions of women globally. Women’s Health Dynamics Institute was created to provide a portal and platform to address a variety of women’s issues from what a woman is supposed to feel throughout her life to specific issues relating to fertility, contraception, Aging into Health (Gladys Taylor McGarey M.D.), education on the menstrual cycle, hormone therapy, and much more.


"In a world, where for centuries, the physiology, anatomy and life giving essence, of a woman's life have been considered 'unclean,' 'evil’, 'dangerous’, and 'despised', Joan Moon has, with clear science, grace and dignity, allowed us to see who we really are and reclaim the joy and beauty of being a woman. This is like a breath of clean fresh air and it is time for us to breathe it in deeply,” (Gladys Taylor McGarey M.D., 2014)

"I'm excited—and that's an understatement! We're going to be talking with, educating, and helping thousands of women understand more about their bodies, what to expect, and why things work the way they do,” say Dr. Joan Moon, founder of Women's Health Dynamics Institute. "We've had lots of great feedback on the Dynamic Menstrual Cycle module, and now, by launching our membership site, women will have access to a lot of information in one location.”

Dr. Moon is a Registered Nurse, Certified Nurse-Midwife, business owner, entrepreneur, university faculty member, and cancer survivor, and has dedicated her professional life to the practice women's health. Her original interactive module "A Woman’s World: Discovering the Dynamic Menstrual Cycle,” has been presented nationally and internationally. The module has also been embraced by healthcare providers, parents, and educators all over the world. She currently teaches graduate nursing at Walden University.

Betsye Moon Park, Director of Operations, is excited as well. "It's not often that you get to share the floor with celebrities and speakers of the caliber represented at CWC and the LA Expo. We will be able to fulfill our mission and purpose of educating women of all ages about their health.”


 Park has experience in the nonprofit sector as well as international management within human resources, finance, strategic planning, and fundraising. She keeps everything running smoothly and on an even keel. In addition to women's health, Park is also dedicated to fighting human trafficking and modern slavery, both in the United States and abroad.

 For more information on the Women's Health Dynamics Institute, see their website at: www.WomensHealthDynamics.com.



Women’s Health Dynamics Institute was founded in 2010 by Joan Moon, EdD, CNM, RN. Dr. Moon has spent her career as a Registered Nurse, Certified Nurse Midwife and faculty member in higher education. She has dedicated her life’s work to serving women through practice and education. Women’s Health Dynamics Institute is "The Gathering Place” for women to share wisdom, knowledge and experience combined with input from leaders and practitioners in the field of women’s health through research and practice. The Institute focuses on serving the professional community, academia, and consumers by offering a variety of products, programs and resources. Betsye Moon Park, MA, is joining her mother to head up all operations for the Institute. A perfect choice based upon her extensive background in human resources, finance, strategic planning, and corporate management. The Institute is on an expansion mission over the next two years, and plans to become THE Gathering Place for millions of women world-wide. For more information contact Sheila Stewart at 303-378-2022 (c) or SStewart@SheilaStewartPR.com or go to www.WomensHealthDynamics.com.