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Finally an online membership portal designed to serve women through all stages of life from teenage years to childbirth, to menopause and beyond.  Whether a woman seeking education and support, a mother wanting to educate her daughter(s), an educator looking for innovative teaching strategies, or a healthcare provider wanting to promote education in the office or community setting, this website provides a myriad of opportunities to learn from women’s stories about reproductive health and life experiences through case studies, webinars, literature and book reviews.  Trusted resources are reviewed, age appropriate education provided, a specific showcase for mothers all bring this gathering place together and, finally, current health news. Scroll down for more and to see some of the women who have shared their stories.

    • Featuring The Gathering on-going interview series that uncovers wisdom, advice and expertise from women around the world.

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Stories & Podcasts Podcasts & stories exposing the wisdom, experience and advice of expert women from
around the world. These include such topics as:

  •                     · The Menstrual Cycle: Stigma or Life Map?
  •                     · Menarche: A Story of Aching and Understanding
  •                     · A Cautionary Tale of Hormones
  •                     · A Story of Two Cancers and Life Reflections
  •                     · A Road Less Traveled: Fertility Awareness and Sustainable Menstrual Cycle Products
  •                     · Searching for Joy: Postpartum Depression
  •                     · "Aging into Health” (Dr. Gladys McGarey)
  •                     · Advanced Bone Age: A Mother’s Quest for Care
  •                     · Men and the Menstrual Cycle
  •                     · Depo Debriefed
  •                     · Taking the "Pause” out of Menopause
  •                     · Toxic Shock: Not Your Mother’s Infection
  •                     · PTSS after Drunk Driving: Healing
  •                     · Sisters: Surviving and Thriving
  •                     · Sisters and Surrogacy
  •                     · Birth in America
  •                     · Microbirth: Changing the Species
  •                     · Trail of Tears: Family Recovery after Despair
  •                     · Honoring the Mothers of Addicts: Courage, Hope, and Action
  •                     · Back from the Abyss: A Heroin Addict’s Story of Survival
  •                     · Taking the "Pause” Out of "Menopause”
  •                     · Tender Mercies
  •                     · The Power of You
  •                     · Celebrating Adoption
  •                     · The Fire is Not Out: Retired Female Firefighters of San Diego

LibraryAbstract of current research articles and book reviews

Educational Corner Use the Dynamic Menstrual Cycle educational tool to learn about your cycle, to help teach your daughter
about the menstrual cycle as well as webinars on selected themes

"I just watched ‘Discovering the Dynamic Menstrual Cycle’ with my teenage daughter. We both agreed that it was very informative and a terrific learning-tool.
I enjoyed sharing this special moment with my daughter, and learning about the extraordinary potential of the female anatomy with her. Thank you for
sharing your amazing CD with us." Cindi Baum & daughter

"The menstrual cycle module presented by Women’s Health Dynamics is helpful and informative. They have taken a human function, that most people
know the basic concept of, and presented the information in great depth so that we learn more than we knew before. Best of all, the information is
presented in such a way that is easy to understand. This would be a great tool to use within our schools for our young girls to learn about their
Amy Ernst

Facts you Need to Know about important women’s health issues – no "hear say” just facts

Games & Surveys – Make becoming a woman fun for your daughter and you. It can be a fun and bonding
experience if you follow our guidelines

Trusted ResourcesProducts and Websites that have been personally selected and vetted by founders Joan and Betsye