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From Amazon…”100 Children’s Books to Read in a Lifetime”. 4 1.2 /stars

"Lily is the story of a young girl, adopted from China as a baby. The book tells about Lily's adoption experience and that of her new family, who travel to China all the way from America to adopt her. Lily not only gets a family of her very own, but inherits a group of very special friends in the process. These friends are referred to as her China sisters; other babies adopted at the same time as Lily, from the same orphanage. Lily's red thread is linked to many people, not just her new family... You can follow Lily's adventures in a special series of books. Lily's adventures are a mix of her life in American with it's own special traditions and heritage.... and that of her birth land, China. Lily is written for children approximately ages 7-11."


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