Our Mission: At Women’s Health Dynamics Institute, our mission is to promote women’s health and health care decision-making for all stages and ages.

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Purpose Statement: The purpose of this website is to introduce innovative educational modules on women’s reproductive anatomy and physiology and the impact on their lives. The modules are intended for All Women/Mothers/Educators/Healthcare Providers as a source of information for women/mothers and for promoting women’s reproductive health within the classroom, office setting, and community.
The "Gathering Place” provides ….women’s stories, case studies, webinars, a mother’s retreat, library of articles, abstracts, trusted resources. 


      Joan Moon–


      Joan Moon, Ed.D., M.S.N., C.N.M., has a vast amount of knowledge and experience acquired throughout her career. She spent years as a labor and delivery nurse, lactation consultant, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Certified Nurse-Midwife, and a university faculty member. Throughout the years she discovered her innate desire to follow her passion of providing education on women’s health issues. As a natural born storyteller, Dr. Moon has turned this passion into one of the first comprehensive global Institutes, or gathering places, for women to come and learn by sharing stories and experiences while gaining knowledge from the literature with input from researchers and practitioners related to themes of women’s health and life experiences.

      "A degree in every decade,” laughs Dr. Moon, "that's my motto.” She's kept true to this motto for the past 40 years, beginning with a BSN in her 30s, MSN in her 40s, CNM (Certified Nurse-Midwife) in her 50s, and EdD in her 60s. Life-changing events have dotted her professional achievements as well, including a diagnosis of Stage-IV lymphoma that she has since overcome. "What I have learned from that experience is that life is even better, even sweeter if you are able to embrace it with renewed health and strength,” says Dr. Moon.

      Dr. Moon is a born educator. She developed a computer-based, interactive module "A Woman’s World: Discovering the Dynamic Menstrual Cycle” which has been presented nationally and internationally. The module has also been embraced by healthcare providers, parents, and educators all over the world. Her current work for Women's Health Dynamics Institute exponentially expands this previous project by enhancing the quality of educational materials, adding an extensive gathering place for women and professionals to witness their lives by sharing compelling experiences, and providing resources to help women everywhere properly understand their bodies at every stage of life.

      Dr. Moon lives in Bluffton, Indiana, with Chuck, her husband of fifty years. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with friends, Chuck, her three children, seven grandchildren and travels extensively experiencing new food, exciting cultures, and meeting new people.


A Woman’s World: Discovering the Dynamic Menstrual Cycle